The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure

Today we visited ARTSPACE gallery along K Road and saw the The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure exhibition. I’m going to focus on Ryan Trecartin’s ‘Items Fall’ because it was the most intriguing. For this piece the patron sits on a couch and watches a film with two speakers. Narratively speaking, I felt like Trecartin was trying to capture a side of American university culture as the characters seem to be at a Frat/ Sorority party. As described by the curator Henry Davidson,

The works in this exhibition are sexually loaded, hysterical and existentially anguished, producing, en masse and in harmony with their setting, an immersive and exhausting world.
The images and dialogue are raw, uncensored and earnest depictions of youth at university quite unashamedly being themselves. Sonically, Trecartin uses repetition a lot and modifies the diegetic sound so the actors at times have metallic sounding voices. In this particular piece, the individual speakers elicit high volume sound that I would describe as largely diegetic but there is an eeriness that I think was generated by audio editing the atmospheric sound.  You do really feel as if you are immersed in an ‘exhausting world’ because the themes seen in the images and sound are backed up by relentless editing.


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