Five speakers

I would like to research good polyphonic sound pieces created by other artists. In particular I am looking for installations that assigns a personality to each speaker as this is what I’d like to do for my final piece.

The video below replaces the members of a choir with a speaker. This way you sit amongst the music and not in front of it.

Slightly more abstract, the video below is an exhibit by David Schafer called ‘What should a museum sound like?’. This piece more along the lines of what I’d like to create. Perhaps mine could be called ‘What should space sound like?’. I think Schafer is trying to question our current sonic experience of museums as quiet places of observation and discovery. The sound we really hear in a museum is air conditioning and quiet voices. Representations of the sound of space in films is usually overwhelmed by how people would feel in space rather than what they actually hear. There seems to be low levels of diegetic sound but high levels of non-diegetic sound.


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