Space sounds

Using five speakers, this semester I would like to create a surround sound soundscape inspired by space. We are required to use five speakers and this will lend itself perfectly to representing the ubiquity of space. The speakers themselves will be used individually and have a more sculptural function.

I will need to research what space actually sounds like and what I need to record to make this sound.

I have been inspired by films such as ‘Gravity’, ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Space Odessey’. Here are examples of the sound they used during their space scenes:


Strong instrumental component representing the emotion of each character (despair, anxiety, fear) rather than the sound of space.


In Gravity again there was an overwhelming instrumental element designed to signal tension, a traditional tool to pull a linear narrative along and to engage the viewer emotionally if they weren’t already with the image.

I noticed they used a high frequency electronic sound. Im not sure how to recreate this.

Space Odessey 2001

To accompany the images of space there is Strauss’s iconic instrumental composition. Other than this there is a sound of ‘silence’ or emptiness. It is an atmospheric unlike earths because there are no sounds of nature such as insects or birds or trees rustling.

In this particular scene, I can hear the sound of air being released from a vent or perhaps to the astronaut?

Here is a NASA audio recording of each planets natural sound. It sounds like a wind going through several different sized tunnels or containers.


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